AirWX Aviation Weather App Reviews

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Great app

I was one of the first to buy this app when it was first released. I use it on every flight. Im an instructor and recommend this app to anyone that flys. This is truly a must have.

iPhone 4

Please fix the pixel setting to the new resolution of the iPhone 4. It looks terrible. But other than that I love it and use it mostly everyday


It took several tries to load my favorite airports, but with patience and numerous tries, I had success. The download site showed images of IFR and Sectional charts. Finding the charts is not immediately intuitive. There is a "charts" button on the bottom of the screen. This is to access weather charts only. To access nav charts, one must first select an airport, then select a METAR report. On the METAR page one can then select a variety of charts associated with that airport. The weather aspect seems to work fine. The "nearest" function was slick and also provides a quick link to add these to "favorites." Another handy function is that when having selected a specific airport, one can push a "call AWOS" button to hear the current report. One can also select an AFD (Airport Facilities Directory) to view a variety of additional information. Now, if it would only show the current fuel prices!

Not bad

New version is a military wx forecaster, I would rather just see the whole encoded taf all at once, without having to scroll through each decoded section however. The new interface and favorites screen is much improved. Now I can get a quick glance at all of my forecast sites and see how my tafs are playing out when Im off shift.


If you are a student pilot or even a commercial pilot, it is a good application to have. It is worth the cost, and helps you be more prepare and make precise decision regarding weather.

Thanks a lot

This is exactly what I want, thanks a lot for the new update especially for the iPad. Eery pilot need this, the best ever.

Air Wx

An outstanding product, well worth the price. Especially with the new updates. I have seen products similar for a lot more $$$. Helpful for any CFI, and Pilot of any level. If I can give more than 5 Stars, I would.

Worth it

Great app. As a military 130 guy the only thing I would like to see is a winds aloft chart for the country at FL180, 240 and 300, probably throw in some lower and higher flight levels to make everyone else happy. With the winds aloft in there i would have given it 5 stars. But all in all great app, looking forward to the next update.


Quick and easy . Simple and clean . Kind of expensive . 4/5

Very impressed

My first ever comment on any app but this one impressed me enough I have to share. By far the best, all inclusive, easy to use app for pilots I have seen. All information, charts, approach plates, and of course wx - anything you could want in one place! No subscriptions, nothing extra to purchase, its all here!

Great reference tool!

I love this app!

Great App!

USAF Pilot here. Recent updates have made this already amazing app even better. METARs, TAFs, NOTAMs, Airfield Diagrams & Approaches, Sectional Charts, AWOS, winds aloft...the list goes on and on. I recently discovered a small bug in the program. I emailed their customer support (from within the app) on a Saturday afternoon. Within 3 hours they wrote back...they fixed it and submitted the fix to Apple. Update should arrive soon. NOW that is customer support!!! As a USAF pilot, Im not allowed to use this app as my sole means of weather info. However, its an excellent tool to gain added SA prior to the weather brief. Because this information is universal, Im already ahead of the game after the official weather brief. If you are a serious aviator and have an iPhone or iPad...I highly recommend this app. I promise, its the best flying related app for your iDevice. Developers: Excellent job, keep it up! If I could give more stars I would!"

Fly Bus

ve got the old version, no upgrade offered w/o paying! Careful, this may be SOP!

Another decent app, but far from perfect

This isnt a bad app for weather. Do not even touch the charts button. They look like they were laid out on someones kitchen counter and photographed. They were poorly spliced together at best and unlike most other apps out there, I cant see where they are downloadable. As nice as the rest of this weather app is, Im not sure why anyone would bother to put such a pathetic rendering of charts in a app. The interface is relatively bug free and pretty easy to figure out and navigate. There is a lot of information here too. 3/5 for now. Hopefully theyll grow this one into a really good app one day soon.

Great App

Im not a fan on how the favorite page is displayed, but having the ability to download every approach plate I need has been fantastic and the feature to save them in order to view them out if cell service is what made this app a favorite of mine :)

Worth every penny

Being a green student pilot means this app is invaluable to me! I love the added wind arrows with all of the associated information. My husband is a very experienced pilot and he concurs this is a great app for any pilot, regardless of the number of hours on their ticket, to have.

Great App

For a Pilot, this app is a must have!!

One star for effort.

This is a decent enough app, but you can get a lot more bang for your buck by using free apps like DTC DUAT and FlightAware. For $10, $14 if you bought the flight tracker in app purchase (FlightAware), I expected a whole lot more.

Very helpful

Was skeptical before buying, I had read a few bad reviews for this app on iTunes, then I realized they were from 2008. Decided the $10 was worth a shot for this app, considering a year subscription to a competing app was clocking in at $75. Very convenient to add airports and get a METAR or TAF weather report, with a nice icon summary for VFR, IFR, etc. Then I dug into the app a bit more and found they have the sectional I wanted (NY), and airport maps even. There is a bunch of other stuff for IFR (not IFR certified myself yet), so I cant comment yet on its helpfulness. Point is, I like it.


When I click on enroute info it crashes every time.

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